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Are 3D Printed Cars in your Future?

In the world of tech, you never know what to expect next. While the craziest thing in the automotive world seemed to be self driving cars, new ground has been broken. There’s now a car, which will be sold under the name “LSEV”, that’s been 3D printed. This feat doesn’t even seem like it could be possible, but it’s been done and will go on sale next year in Europe and Asia for just under $8,000. Before you start saving up money to buy your own 3D printed car, as of now, the LSEV will not be available in the US. But the technology behind it and the discoveries of just how far 3D printing can go will be sure to reach the US in no time.

News on Car Repair Mechanics

This process could turn the automotive world upside. Who knows what it could mean for the future of cars, in relation to both pricing and manufacturing. We may not have 3D printed cars coming into the shop, but we do make a point to stay up-to-date with the latest in cars and automotive technology. This constant strive to educate ourselves means we’re always working hard to provide you with the best service, regardless of the type of car you own or its age. Like continuing with our “mechanics” / ASE Certified Master Technician training. We’ve worked on a variety of cars from 2019 models to ones as old as 1920 historic car repairs.

Keeping in touch with the automotive world allows us to be the best business we can be. We have been around for over 24 years, which means we have seen all kinds of cars throughout the years. This makes us confident that no matter what you bring in, we’ll be able to find a way to solve whatever issues you’re experiencing and we’ll do it all in a friendly and professional manner. We also stay current by housing some of the best equipment to ensure that you’re always getting great fixes. So no matter what you’re coming in for, whether to buy new car tires or to have your brakes repaired or replaced you can feel confident in any of our mechanic’s abilities to get the job done. If you’re looking for a trusted car repair shop to bring your vehicle into and you live in Maple Lawn, Columbia, Laurel, Burtonsville, Highland, Clarkesville or Fulton, MD, then there’s no place better than our car repair shop.

If you have questions call me, Stephen 301-317-7886 or e-mail: STEPHENTBRED6@AOL.COM

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Best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Staff was very professional. They kept me informed of my cars status at all times. They also provided a detailed synopsis of the issue with my car followed by the resolution, which was completed in a timely manner. Overall I was more than satisfied with the service provided.

R.K. Fulton Maryland

Great service. Fast and very friendly. Did and excellent job on my brakes.

S.R. Maryland