Auto Repair Recap from 1998

Remember Car Repair in 1998?

The Year was 1998…

Hi, Stephen here, as owners of Thoroughbred, my wife Donna & I often look over the past things we have done. As the business has grown and evolved with our eye always on the future. Many of you know that a lot of what is sent to you as our clients has been through Donna, from the postcards, the “Thank-You’s” and of course our newsletters.

We welcomed our Clients to our first newsletter in the Spring of 1998. Donna and I wrote every word. Articles were meant to inform you, our clients of where we started. For me, as well as when Donna and I met, fell in love and married, then started our family. We briefly explained how Donna found our location, the efforts of family and many friends went to in helping us renovate the building. It was a mess. Donna, always the visionary saw the potential and after 6 months we had it ready to open in January of 1992. We grew quickly, added staff, added services and in 1996 became Laurel’s first NAPA AUTOCARE CENTER. We did this to offer you a Nationwide warranty. Now in 2018, after 20 years, we are still in that program for the same reason But that automotive warranty is for 3 YEARS,or 36,000 Miles.

Okay, you may ask, “So what else was in the original newsletter Stephen?” On the cover was a picture of our 1961 Corvette, it was blue & silver and we still have it! Now it’s red & white, with a very strong running engine. With the help from friends & employees it is a blast to drive. I started writing to try and guide as well as help our clients learn about preventative maintenance. I still do this today. If you look around our website you will find articles I have written. Some inspired by things in our shop, friend’s shops & some from industry leaders that I want to share with you.

I talked about the importance of changing your oil, this continues now. We see ruined vehicles on a regular basis, from following the oil monitor in the vehicle. Way back in 1998 I was urging 3 months or 3,000 miles with conventional oil & 5 months or 5,000 miles with synthetic. GM just finished up replacing 1,000s of 2.2 eco-tech engines from recommending long mileage oil changes – sometimes 8,000 miles or more. You can’t get away with those high mileage oil change intervals.

I talked about the importance of the big services 30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 & changing the Timing belt before it breaks. Surprise! all this is still true.

So fast forward, as we look ahead to 2018. It’s been 30 years, we are still here, Our service advisor, Jon Campbell for 14+ years, Technician Ron 5 years and Gage Morris 2+ years. Donna & I are well, living in Highland. Our daughters Heather & Nicole are grown, married. Each have two children, they live within a mile of the shop. Our Grandkids go to the local schools

Donna & I both go to the gym weekly to stay in shape & to keep up with the Grandkids. Lastly many of you know we Love dogs, all animals actually, & have 4 Cocker Spaniels in our home. I could write another page about them, maybe next week – lol.

Thanks for Reading, Stephen

If you have questions call me, Stephen 301-317-7886 or e-mail: STEPHENTBRED6@AOL.COM

Thanks for the Reviews!

Great local shop with good people on staff. Not the national chain with a different manager of the day every time you go in. Forming a relationship with a mechanic/service team is important.

C. C. Fulton Maryland

Honest and thorough work. Always courtesy and responsive and willing to work with me on schedules.

K.R. Burtonsville, MD