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Are Car Batteries about to change for the better? Everyone would be a little happier with longer lasting and more eco-friendly batteries for their devices from the cell phone to the hybrid and electric car batteries. The University of Texas at Dallas battery research into a new material of sodium-ion may have better storage and lower costs than typical lithium-ion. Lower costs will help to grow the hybrid car market which has well surpassed the 1 million mark. When it comes to automotive advances and the ability for batteries of many types to become cheaper, better for the environment and possibly last longer. Researchers are still working to pass the issues of 1/5th lower energy density. It will be interesting to watch as an auto repair shop in North West Laurel and in the neighborhoods like Maple Lawn Farms, Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville and Columbia as they are seeing more hybrid vehicles. With lower costs possible and sodium replacing the expensive and rare lithium there is a lot of promise. Getting your next car battery may involve something as simple as common sodium and with the majority of the world covered in sea water, resources are there for the simple harvesting. When needs for standard car batteries charging, service or replacement we are happy to oblige. Being ASE Certified Master technicians aka “Mechanics in Laurel” with top of the line computerized diagnostic equipment we can help to find the root cause to your electrical issues. Give us a call for all your auto repair services.