Car Battery and the Cold in Scaggsville 20723 – Winter 2019

Just like flashlight batteries your vehicle’s battery will wear out. So how do you know when & what causes it? First regardless of what you may have been told, anything over 5 years, (60 months) is exceptional life from a car battery. The size, location & temperatures also play a factor on the life of your battery.

Cold air “pulls the battery down” & makes even a new battery struggle. Yet the colder it gets, the harder it is to start an engine!

Let’s talk terms as they apply to a vehicle’s battery. The number 1 term to know is CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). Think of this as available power, every vehicle has a spec it needs to start, so I always recommend a CCA above the required amount needed to start your Vehicle. Let’s say that your vehicle calls for 540 CCA. If possible we recommend 650 or higher. Think of it as you can lift 50 lbs, but you and your friend can easily lift 100lbs. A higher CCA costs only a couple dollars more at purchase time. If you have a lil’ extra, when the vehicle sits outside for 3 or 4 days on a long, cold, snowy weekend, your vehicle will always fire up.

So how do your know the life expectancy of your vehicle’s battery? There are codes on a battery that explain when it was made. Also there is hi-tech equipment that allows us to test the battery easily. The age along with test results tell us whether it is fine. Or it soon should be replaced. So we can test yours while you wait & thru the end of the month February 2019, NAPA has a Rebate we can offer to you to help out should your car battery need to be replaced. Come see Stephen or Jon & let us make sure you can start your car and save with a Rebate (301) 973-6419. To learn more about our car repairs in Scaggsville, Maryland take a look around the site. Learn more about Car Batteries