Car Repair 20723 – Time Change Laurel MD

Don’t forget your car’s clock when it comes to the time change for Daylight savings time in Laurel MD 20723. Some new models have clocks that update automatically however many models still rely on us to change the vehicle’s clock settings. If you have any questions check your manufacturers owner’s manual.

While you are turning your clocks back for the Fall you should consider testing your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The batteries in these do lose their proper levels and need replacing. You vehicle’s battery is no different so it’s also a great time to check the date which is on the battery top in most cases. Getting your battery in good condition before the freezing temperatures of Winter is a great way to be prepared. If we can be of service of any automotive needs like car inspections, brake repair, oil change or regularly scheduled 30,000 regular maintenance don’t hesitate to call us right here in Laurel, Maryland. We are only a short distance and offer towing and shuttle service to areas like these zip codes 21046, 20861, 20723, 20759, 20777, 21029.