Car Repair Scaggsville 20723, Burtonsville 20866 – Winter 2019 / 2020

The Winter is here in our local towns. Snow and freezing temperatures have already come to our car repair shoip in Scaggsville. Our mechanics in Burtonsville, Highland, Fulton and Columbia are helping drivers get ready for winter weather and holiday travel. Cold, snow and ice will test tire’s gripping ability. Brakes need to be in great shape this time of year as well. Wipers are important to keep vision as clear as possible while driving through the snow and shorter daylight. Car windshield and other glass need to be working properly to help vision as well. Transmissions and engines fluids will be tested as they go to further extremes with freezing cold when sitting overnight. Those same fluids will go through the heat of driving and sitting in stop and go traffic. You may see water pumps fail with the cold. All fluids need to be up to strength and at proper levels to perform well in the extreme temps of winter. Tranfer case fluid, brake fluid, coolant and of course oil and oil filters all will be tested. Our Mechanics can help to bring your car repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance needs up to date. Have a little stress this holiday and winter season with a car which is ready for the winter weather. Experience peace of mind with our 36 Months / 36,000 Miles Car Repair Warranty.

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