Car Repair Shop in Laurel MD 20723 – New Years 2015

Happy New Year from your Local car repair shop in Laurel MD 20723. Thanks for the great year 2014 and all the new people, old friends and things we’ve learned from you. With new training on the latest equipment upgrades we have been able to bring better repair services to areas like Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms and Clarksville, MD on a regular basis. Whether it was an older vehicle that we were working to keep running great into its older years or a brand new model with regular maintenance we enjoyed meeting lifelong customers and it was nice making new friends as they moved into the area.

We look forward to the New Year, 2015 and again seeing lifelong friends, their cars and making new friends while helping with their vehicles. Vehicles are getting more complex so we plan as always to continue our technical training to stay way ahead of the curve with the latest computerized equipment to serve and repair your car, truck, van or SUV with great repairs. If you find yourself needing an inspection for a car that you purchase in 2015 give us a call or check out our Maryland car inspection page to learn more about the process.

Our mechanic shop hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Stop in to see us! Thoroughbred Auto Care, 20723 Laurel