Car Tires, Brakes Inspections, Wipers Scaggsville / Fulton

With the latest in snow, ice and rain your car will best tested. Having a well functioning car can make the difference. After an accident one of the most common “low scoring” / “worn out” parts are tires. When tires have worn and tread is low traction is poor and losing control is more apt to happen. We can help with our ability to sell, service install, mount and balance tires in Scaggsville and surrounding areas of Fulton Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville, Columbia and Laurel. It’s a short drive to our shop and having ASE trained Master techs on hand to help with your tires means superior service. Getting the right tire installed correctly is key to keeping your car in good shape.

Your car’s brakes importance goes without saying in most cases. Brake performance is key to keeping control and stopping distance / time. Not to mention how annoying squeaking, grinding, rusted, worn brakes are to hear and feel. Our Scaggsville / Fulton mechanics can help with all your brake needs. Car inspections are also quite common this time of year. When a vehicle changes hands most cases a Car inspection is needed in Maryland. Give us a call or schedule your appointment online for your Maryland State Car Inspection