Cold Weather Auto Tips

With freezing Cold temps vehicles can run into unique issues. Here are a few tips for helping your vehicle survive.

  1. Consider letting your vehicle warm at idle for 5 minutes when starting up. Revving the engine at start up is not suggested as it forces the coldest materials to be exposed to the greatest change in temperature and pressure.
  2. Spraying PAM on a towel and then wiping down the vehicle’s weather-strips around the doors can help to keep them from freezing shut.
  3. Check tire pressures to avoid flats. With extreme cold temps causing the tire and the air inside, to contract often air leaks through and create a low tire. Checking this twice a week is a good idea to keep the tire from reaching a critical low level and causing a dangerous condition.
  4. Like tip #3 with newer vehicles the low tire pressure dashboard light may come on indicating a tire needs attention. If after inspecting the tires on the vehicle the light stays on, remember to check the spare as well as several of the newer vehicles also have a sensor which will cause the light to come on.