Deer and Cars in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD

So I have included a few Tips on how to avoid hitting or being hit by deer. Sadly within our home, “fleet of Drivers” we have been involved with no less than 6 collisions.

So a Few Tips on Deer. Since there are estimated to be more then 250,000 in Maryland as of September 1 2017, most of us are Likely to see a lot of them

Never wildly Brake or swerve wildly for deer, (because you have cars approaching,& following you so sudden movements can cause an accident). If deer are seen ahead, gradual braking is best & remember while you see 1 deer, they usually travel in groups.
Be on the lookout especially at night deer feed between Sunset & Sunrise.
Slowdown in areas Known for deer crossings, forests & the watershed area common for deer as a good source of food can be found.
Beep the Horn when you see deer to Scare them away.
Lastly if you hit a deer, if at all possible move off the road, out of traffic, if the deer is still alive DO NOT Approach the injured deer, call Police & turn hazard lights on.

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