Labor Day West Laurel – 2016

With the Labor Day weekend in full swing, we take this time as an auto repair shop in West Laurel to say “Thank You” to all the workers of the Country, both past and present who have labored so tirelessly. The first Monday in September became the formal Federal holiday in 1894, to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of unions and workers of all types. Auto repair is a unique field of work in that you often form a relationship with people in the community. There is a level of trust and honesty that grows over time as repairs are made and vehicles run longer and more dependably. In 1979 the family of Thoroughbred auto care started with work on local cars and a lot of high end transmission repairs and modifications in those early days. Fast forward more than 37 years and we have worked with numerous hard working “labor” families (including ourselves) to make ends meet and provide quality auto repairs in the West Laurel, Burtonsville, Highlands, Maple Lawn Farms and beyond. We hope that everyone has a great weekend and enjoys today – Labor Day 2016 with loved ones.

Happy Labor Day weekend 2016!
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