Mechanic’s News – Save Money – New Year Resolutions

Automotive news in Maryland would not be complete without a New Year’s resolution on how to save money. With so many people making positive changes with the new year we talked around the shop and many mentioned saving money. A good way is to be prepared, it also helps to lower stress as planning for things means more control over your life. Auto repairs preventative maintenance can be a real money saver. A new engine, new transmission or expensive brake job can usually be avoided with simple preventative maintenance.
Many will remember 30, 60, 90,000 miles services for their Laurel Maryland vehicles. Many car manufacturers are extending those mileages and some will wonder if this is related to a marketing / sales technique. Only time will tell for many models. It is an expensive gamble to stretch maintenance on any mechanical device let alone one as important as your car, truck, van, SUV or other vehicle. Having a mechanic you can trust goes a long way to saving money and bringing stress reducing, peace of mind. As a locally owned and operated car repair shop close to Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia MD we know the importance of being honest and upfront with auto repair advice. We have been repairing cars since the 1970s, allowing us to build a reputation that has turned into a local family business in 1992. We’ve expanded and done well because we are here for the long haul and building trust with every service like brakes, oil changes, alignments, tires, wheel balancing, engine performance, emissions repairs and free courtesy inspections. With that we keep our customers happy and providing them with Money Saving, Honest communication on repairs and the condition of the vehicle.
If you are looking for a great way to fulfill and reach your New Year Resolution to save money consider a little automotive preventative maintenance. In the long run you will extend the life of your car. You might be surprised but we’ve seen the trend of lower overall costs when maintenance is done on a regular basis instead of waiting for that catastrophic emergency break down on the side of the road. Stay warm and Drive safely this New Year of 2018 in Laurel MD 20723.