Mechanic’s News – “Self-Driving / Driverless” Cars

Self driving cars? Autonomous Vehicles? Driverless Cars?
Welcome to the future of transportation. With the introduction of a simple app that connected riders to drivers, Uber was able to disrupt the market and forever change the way people used car services. With 24/7 access that allows users to request a ride with a few easy steps done through their app, Uber has made its mark. Now, the company has solidified a deal with vehicle manufacturer, Volvo. This partnership will combine Volvo’s automobiles with the autonomous driving technology that Uber has been working on. While the system is still a work in progress, the plan is that, once everything is figured out, Uber will implement the new tech in up to 24,000 Volvo cars. Uber is known for its business model that allows everyday people to become instant employees for the brand, driving and transporting users who they connect with through the company’s app. This possible change to self-driving vehicles will make for an interesting transition for the company and all of the drivers it has employed.

While this new deal is big news, Uber isn’t the first company to be experimenting with self driving automobiles. Other groups like Tesla, Google, and Ford have also done their share of research and development. The race to become the first to successfully introduce their technology is on. Who knows how long it will be until self-driving cars become a reality, but regardless of whether your car is autonomous or it requires a driver, all vehicles need maintenance. With over 14 years of experience in everything from air conditioners to tires, any issues that you’re having with your automobile we can fix. If you’re a Maryland driver in Laurel, Burtonsville 20866, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland 20777 or Columbia and your vehicle needs any number of car repairs, then make an appointment today to get everything squared away. Photo Credit: