Memorial Day North Laurel – 2016

As the Memorial day weekend approaches, many in North Laurel are preparing for vacations, cookouts and time with family and friends. We hope that if you travel your vehicle is running great and you have a safe trip. Simple automotive things like checking the oil, tires and that your wipers are working well are well worth taking the time before traveling.
Memorial Day in the US originated around the Civil War as a way to remember all the sacrifices. Then in the 19th century is was expanded to remember all the military who had given their lives for the country. In 1971 Memorial day became an official federal holiday across the United States. Many of the friends and family here at Thoroughbred have ties to the armed services and their families. We hope that the weather cooperates and everyone gets to enjoy the time with good food, good conversation and have good memories this Memorial Day weekend 2016.