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With each passing week there’s a new introduction to the world of cars that will change the way we drive. One of the newest announcements is Nissan’s brain-to-vehicle technology, which syncs the driver’s brain with the vehicle’s computer system, so that two can work together for a new driving experience. This technology is a step up from manual driving, but doesn’t go into full autonomy, although Nissan does plan to have this feature available in their autonomous cars when they hit the market within the next decade. By wearing a special cap, Nissan is able to connect the driver with the car. This means that when you think about having to turn the wheel the vehicle will begin the process. The goal of this invention is to increase the efficiency of driving, while still allowing vehicle owners the ability to enjoy the sensation of driving, something that autonomous automobiles would take away.

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Cars that read brainwaves? Oh my! While that may be somewhere in our near future, something that you can do now to improve your driving experience is making sure that your car is running properly. You can easily do this by bringing it to our Laurel, Maryland shop. We offer a variety of services, from battery testing and replacement, tune ups, to engine and transmission repairs. A car that’s well taken care is car that runs better, and what more could you ask for? Whatever you’re coming in for, we do our best to get the job done quickly, delivering quality repairs that will make you want to come back again and again. If your vehicle could use some extra attention, then make sure to bring it in to our shop. We’ve been servicing cars in the Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia, Maryland area for over two decades. We’ve had many happy customers over the years, and you could be next.

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Best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Staff was very professional. They kept me informed of my cars status at all times. They also provided a detailed synopsis of the issue with my car followed by the resolution, which was completed in a timely manner. Overall I was more than satisfied with the service provided.

R.K. Fulton Maryland

Great service. Fast and very friendly. Did and excellent job on my brakes.

S.R. Maryland