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Buying a Used Car in Maryland 20723

Thoroughbred Auto Care, Scaggsvile MD Maryland 20723
Owner : Stephen Powell discusses Buying a used vehicle in Maryland.

Used vehicles are certainly an economical choice for budget conscious drivers. It does not matter where you drive, in Laurel, Fulton, Highland, Burtonsville or Columbia, if you’re going to register it here in Maryland it must be inspected, and legally that is the responsibility of the seller! But that inspection does not Equal a safe, dependable vehicle. It simply means “it was properly inspected”, which is at the minimum safe standards which the State requires. Now, it could be perfect but, do you want to risk inheriting someone else’s problems?

So what should you do? Our ASE certified Mechanics / technicians, here in the 20723 Zip of Scaggsville / Laurel MD, perform regular Maryland State vehicle inspections. We also perform various mechanical inspections to determine if you have found that dream come true or a nightmare. So first off we can help when you get close to decision time. However, let’s say you have gone to look and perhaps driven it, now what? Ask for service records. Check to see if the recommended schedules for preventive maintenance have been followed. If so, you probably have a good chance of it being okay. If there aren’t any service records, then assume the worst. This is December 2015, people that have spent 30, 40, 50K or more for a new vehicle and don’t follow and keep records of maintenance, probably ignore other things as well. So you found it! It has Good records, now what? Kick the tires if you want to, lol, but do look at tread wear, uneven wear equals Alignment problems, worn shocks, suspension problems. Listen to the engine for unusual sounds and pay attention to unexpected odors. Now take it for a test drive, use the brakes, hard! Did it swerve, shudder, make noise, all can be concerns, some with price tags to correct.

Okay, so you picked and are ready to purchase. Even if it’s been through MD State inspection and passed, you should take it to your local shop for $120 with experience automotive mechanics. We can do a fairly thorough look over and let you know costs on anything we spot or pending services.

Call Jon, our service advisor or myself Stephen to discuss, ask questions before you slide that big stack of money across the table and buy it. Bottom line we are here to help you: 301-317-7886

In 20723, 20777, 20759 Laurel, Burtonsville, Fulton, Maple Lawn Farms, Highland & Columbia Maryland. Our automotive repair experience, ASE certifications, computerized analysis and trusted reputation are close as a phone call.

Stephen, Owner of Thoroughbred Auto Care