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Air Filter and Removing Moldy Smells from AC in Scaggsville, Fulton, Highland, Burtonsville, Laurel MD 20723

Pollen, musky odors, poor A/C operation & more. In Maple Lawn Farms, we have a big old farm, turkeys, cows and a few pigs, the odors from all of that can sometimes be so bad.  Add to that we have pollen from, well everything is blooming, leaves are coming out, grass is being cut and our vehicles are turning green! Not to forget over 50+ inches of rain over the last 12 months. All of that can get into your vehicle’s ventilation system. Our ASE Certified Master techs can solve that issue, cleaning that out and disinfecting.

We have a treatment that can kill the mold and any other organisms that might take up residence in your vehicle. We can replace your Cabin air filter, and make sure your evaporator is clear with proper air flow. It is time to make sure your A/C system is charged up. Summer will be here soon so the A/C needs to be ready as well. I have several specials that should hit either your E-mail, or your mailbox next week.

Thank You: Stephen & Jon are ready to get you breathing clean, cool air again. Schedule your appt @ Thoroughbred today!

Did your dashboard light come on? Our Computer aided equipment for diagnosis and analysis is able to get the results needed for your car and truck, high performance, classic or historic vehicle.

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