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Thoroughbred Auto Care is an Experienced, ASE Certified auto repair facility in Laurel, MD 20723 with computer diagnosis tools needed to fix those Dashboard Warning and Emergency Lights

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Check Engine Light – Dashboard Warning & Emergency Lights

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Dashboard Lights – Warning & Emergency

Since the Early 1990’s we’ve been offering auto repair to the Laurel, Scaggsville, Fulton and new surrounding areas like the “Maple Lawn Farms Community”. Dashboard lights are there for a great reason, they give us all an indicator that something is wrong and in need of auto repair attention. The best way to get the true meaning of a “Check Engine light” is to bring your car in so that we can check it with our state of the art computer diagnostic and analysis equipment. It is amazing how computerized vehicles have become, gone are the days of being able to fix the car with a few wrenches and a few hours.

Diagnosis and Analysis of Dashboard Lights – Warning & Emergency

Checking your car manual is a good way to start with learning what these Warning (usually yellow) and Emergency (usually red) lights mean. However, as stated previously these are quite complex and are usually reading signals sent from sensors and or computers within the car, especially the Check Engine Light. So that means that your manual will give you a start however, it will not be a full diagnosis. Often they will require the most up to date computer software to be attached to read what is really going on under the hood and around the chassis. We are happy to offer the latest in computer software to diagnosis these indicator lights and set a course of action to get your car fixed right and back on the road to bring you peace of mind.

Check Engine Light – Diagnosis and Analysis

The “Check Engine Light” is a serious indicator for your Laurel, Scaggsville or Fulton MD car or truck. This alert should signal to you that something issue is in serious need of attention. The prompt service, diagnosis and repair can be the difference between a small simple, affordable repair and a serious, expensive engine repair, replacement or engine rebuild. We pride ourselves on being a local, honest and valuable part of the community as your car repair shop. We look for ways to partner with you and give you all the options when your Check Engine Light is on. It is very possible that a simple sensor, or electrical issue has come up and we can help you bring back peace of mind and a safer car with a simple repair.

Even Tires have sensors with Dashboard lights

Most automobiles today have a pressure sensor for the tires and display this on the Dashboard Lights. This is a nice convenience over the ancient test of “kicking the tires.” Dashboard tire lights let you know that something is wrong, perhaps a slow leak or a major flat. The nice part is that you don’t have to guess when something is wrong. The important part is to do something about it. It is best not to put off a repair when any indicator light comes on as it is telling you that something needs attention and procrastination will in all likelihood mean a more expensive repair, and possible an emergency situation on the side of the road.

Summary Check Engine Light – Dashboard Lights – Warning & Emergency Repair Indicators

The best case scenario to prevent the check engine light, is to have regular maintenance performed to keep any of the lights from even coming on in the first place, but even the best regular maintenance cannot prevent all emergencies. For example a flat tire, impact or accident. Whatever the reason for those little Yellow or Red lights, they do need quick attention to keep the auto repair costs to minimum and the safety of you and your family at a maximum. As a locally, family, owned and operated auto repair shop we know how important it is to have peace of mind and safety for your loved ones. Taking care of Dashboard lights and Check Engine Light, with computerized analysis and diagnosis so that repair can be right the first time is key. If we can be of service with our decades of experience and ASE certified technicians and old school mechanics while offering a 36 months or 36,000 miles warranty give us a call and let us bring you the satisfaction that your friendly, honest shop has offered since the early 1990s in Laurel, Scaggsville, Fulton and the surrounding Maryland areas.

Our Auto Repair Service area covers these zip codes and well beyond: 20723, 20861, 21046, 20759, 20777, 21029