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TIRES – So what is the big deal

On almost every vehicle on the road, you have 4 contact points with the road. The pattern on the tire, the tread compound, tread depth, all help to keep the tire in constant contact with the road in the dry, rain, or snow. There are specific tires made for each of these, as well as All seasons, let me try and sort this out for you a little better.

ALL Seasons Tires

Developed for year-round driving use, this family of Tires provide capability in all weather conditions. Designed as a solution for drivers who don’t want to manage two sets of tires, or who live in an area that experiences mild winters. They are not built with the specialized construction and materials to excel in specific conditions like a dedicated summer or winter tire, all-season tires are a compromised balance of performance.

Winter Tires

Ice and Snow Tires; developed to provide traction in Snow and/or Ice. They do the job well but are less responsive on rain covered roads and dry traction. The compound is softer and if used on dry roads will generally wear the tread down fairly quickly 10,000 miles and done. These types of tires are usually on different rims and stored during the summer.

Performance Tires

So for this discussion I am referring to high speed, handling tires. These have specific compounds, very sticky, also unique tread patterns with deep grooves and angled sides to direct water out to the sides quickly to keep the tire in contact with the road. They are made to be a quiet tire. The high speeds owner wants to hear his exhaust and not his tires! Generally speaking these are not a high mileage, (aka: Tread Life) type of tire.

New Styles & Designs

There are many other styles and designs. One of the newest is a low rolling resistance. Its primary purpose is increased fuel economy.

Selection of Tires

Here at Thoroughbred Auto Care in Laurel MD, we stock many tires from Continental & General. We can get any brand you want if you like others. I get two deliveries from one supplier, four from our second source and I can go to our main supplier 30 minutes round trip to serve you in a timely manner.

Thanks for reading, any questions Jon or I will be glad to help.
Stephen Powell Owner

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