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Highland MD 20777 Auto Repair

Auto repairs in Highland MD can come with the personal attention that you expect from caring, trusted businesses. We’ve made this “inside view” of our shop below. You can click and drag with your mouse (or finger on a touchscreen device) to look all around this room of the shop! Yes that’s our founding father hard at work most everyday in the car repair shop. Give us a call with confidence for all your auto repair needs in Highland MD 20777. (301) 317-7886

Highland MD 20777 Auto Repair

Highland MD automotive repairs are only 5 miles away. Almost a “straight shot” down 216 and you’ll be on our doorstep. As Highland mechanics with ASE certified technicians we pride ourselves on being that personal service, personal Mechanics with higher value than others. Our decades as a locally owned and operated automotive shop has built a reputation as the high value shop with small town values that you can trust! When you come to Thoroughbred Auto Care and see the same smiling faces for a decade you’ll be sure of one thing. You can see proven results which has fueled our growth in our building space. We’ve added on over the years as our reputation and our customer base has grown. If you are looking for convenient auto repairs in Highland MD 20777, we can help with a short drive down route 216.

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Thankful

When it comes to being thankful and respectful the generation that experienced D-Day June, 6th 1944 knew all about those words. We get to have a good number of people who serve the country in various ways come into our shop looking forward to auto repair mechanics for Highland MD vehicles. Some have served in the past and others are currently serving. We are in the center of an area which includes Dept. of Defense and many active military members. You can see their appreciation of being treated up front and honest in all their automotive needs. No nonsense communication and good information so that we can all plan for our maintenance and what may need to be done and what can wait. Trust is built with every simple oil change and tune up as well as every conversation and question answered. We take this day to remember and learn from the those who have served but it can also teach us how to build trusted auto repair in Highland MD 20777.

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Sales and Savings

We are happy to announce that we periodically offer great deals on continental tires. While you can get a wide variety of tires to choose from at our auto repair shop just a few minutes from Highland MD 20777 you can also get a great deal with sales throughout the year. Give us a call to schedule your appointment and learn more about the details. Like other tires, these sales also cover our commitment to the Highland community with our services of One year in road hazard, great warranty, flat tire roadside assistance for 3 years and free rotation with the purchase of 4 tires as long as those tires are on the vehicle. We know the importance of providing quality services. That builds trust with the entire community one vehicle at a time. Give us a call with confidence for all your auto repair needs in Highland MD 20777.

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Tires

Tires are one of those automotive services in Highland MD 20777 that we all eventually need. We offer a great value in tire sales and services like Tire balancing, rotation and mounting. With a wide variety of brands, sizes and specialties we can keep your vehicles on the road and in good shape for the heat of Summer and the slick roads of Winter in Highland MD 20777. Our training and tire equipment allows for computer precision to keep your tires lasting longer and that saves you money. The value of having an ASE certified technician / mechanic servicing your car or truck tires allows a level of service that is unsurpassed. Our decades of dedication to the Highland area allows our family owned and operated values bring you high quality auto repairs with honest, trusted advice for your family.

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Wiper Blades

Car Repair Mechanics serving Highland MD 20777 sometimes see needs after the damage is done. Something as simple as a windshield Wiper can help you clearly see an object in the road and save you from an accident or a simple pot hole which may be soon appearing on our Highland Maryland roads. We can help you with honest advice on all your repair needs and even the simple savings like wipers, no matter the brand you choose. There really is a difference in the quality of wipers and going for the cheapest wiper can be costly when it comes to poor performance, when the weather gets bad and snow, slush and pot hole crud is sprayed on your car or truck’s windshield. That instant of panic when you can’t see at 55 or 65 miles an hour can be relieved with the simple flick of a switch, as a quality blade attacks the debris and brings you back to clear vision. We can perform the high-tech car repairs and the simple ones as your ASE Certified mechanics for Highland MD 20777.

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Mechanics & Toys For Tots

Dec 16th is the pick up day that the U.S. Marines will stop by and visit with our Mechanics serving Highland MD 20777. So don’t put off your visit to come see us with a new unwrapped toy to put in our large red Toys for Tots drop off location box. We’re often performing car repairs for Highland, when in the shop when we hear someone pull up out front. One the Highland mechanics takes a look and see another toy being placed into the box. It is a great feeling to be a member of the Highland community when you see such an outpouring of care for one another. You can learn more about our Toys for Tots Donation Center closest to Highland, Maryland info. Or give us a call with any of your car repair questions for Highland MD 20777.

Auto Repair Mechanics Highland MD 20777

I recently read an auto repair article in UnderHood Service about “Is it worth saving a buck?” Since this is a pet peeve of mine, I quickly went to the article and as I read it I was shocked. The article was about a customer’s experience with a serious mechanical problem. Let me make this part clear, the repairs and subsequent problems did not involve any shop or customer in our state. Now the vehicle came into a shop with the complaint: No Power and shaking. Once it was driven and came into a service bay the technician quickly determined that it had recently been worked on elsewhere, the client authorized testing and it was found to have new sparkplugs, however several were bad. Further inspection revealed Counterfeit parts, the plugs had name brand markings, but close inspection proved they were cheap parts. At the time of the article the case was headed to court. Not known is whether the shop that put the parts in knew and was trying to make a bundle on cheap parts, or if they had been ripped off by their parts supplier. Everyday we have internet offers, wagon peddlers trying to sell off-shore copycat parts. Never do we even consider them. We extend a warranty with everything we do. Regular work is covered 36 months or 36,000 miles, Nationwide at over 16,000 locations. You get a warranty sheet and the 1-800-LET-NAPA with Jasper related repairs 1-800-827-7455 both 24/7 365 days live person. Ask for Jon or Stephen at 301-317-7886 for all your car repair mechanic needs in Highland MD 20777.

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Toys For Tots

As Mechanics serving Highland Maryland we appreciate the community and the families, therein. As we approach the Holidays not too far away, we wanted to reach out once again this year as we continue our annual partnership with the US Marines and their “Toys for Tots” toy drive. The toy drop off has been made simple for you with a Big Red toy box out front of our shop. Starting Oct 30th, 2016 you may drop off a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy. Toys for Tots Donation Center closest to Highland, Maryland info. Our ASE certified Technicians – aka “Mechanics for Highland MD” will be checking the toy bin every night and will have the toys ready for the Marines to pickup as the season draws near. Any additional questions feel free to call and ask for Jon or Stephen at 301-317-7886

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Distracted Driving

As ASE certified technicians aka Mechanics in Highland we stay up to date on auto repairs and automotive studies. If I asked, most people think they are good at multi-tasking. Scientific studies, however, reveal that only about 2% of the population can truly demonstrate the capacity to effectively multi-task. For the rest of us who are not so biologically wired, no amount of practice can increase our effectiveness at multi-tasking.

I know you’re thinking, “Stephen, where are you going with this?” Well I will just focus on driving, which is where this subject effects most of us. In the Highland MD area of 20777, we all are exposed to stop and go, as well as RT 29 & I-95 high speed driving. How many times have you looked over and watched someone applying mascara, lipstick, shaving, while doing 60+MPH? Or maybe the newspaper spread out over the steering wheel? 77% of young adults feel confident that they can safely text and drive! 55% claim it is so easy to text and drive. Can they be right? So I found some stats on this subject, turns out nearly 23% of all accidents in the United States involve cell phones. Everyday, 11 people are killed and 900 more are injured in texting related accidents. According to the big insurance companies there is a 6X higher likelihood of an accident from texting than from being intoxicated. So think back to your own experiences: how many of your “near misses” as a pedestrian or in a vehicle have involved a driver with a cell phone in their hand?

So the Insurance industry states that there are 3 types of Driving distractions; Visual, (eyes off the road), manual, (reaching for something), Cognitive (mind off driving).

So as we all start into Fall driving in Highland Maryland, I thought a little discussion would help us all to Focus. We need to watch for the Kids at the Bus stops, the school buses, in Howard County, we have many Bikes, (Cyclists), and sadly many have died over the years, not something any of us want to be involved in. There are many things to help us, Hands-free phones, heads up instrument display, (really Cool), doing our facial prep before we get in the car! Remember at 55 mph in 5 seconds you will have gone the length of a football field.

So accept that you and I are not part of the 2% that can multi-task and Ignore the phone, the text, the Cute person beside you. Pay attention! Thanks, from your auto repair mechanics in Highland MD 20777.

Car Repair Highland MD 20777 – Fall Driving, Well how about Late Summer?

So, I’m not ready for summer to be over either. But we have had a rash of vehicles come in over the last two weeks with request like, “My car is doing this” or “My son says something is wrong” or “Time to get this ready for my daughter to drive back to school.” So many are from my neck of the woods, Highland MD, 20777, but a few from Laurel 20723 and yet a few from the Maple Lawn Farms 20759 area. We treat everyone’s vehicle the same, like you’re family. But enough, let’s get to it!

First, oil, the vehicle’s life blood, is it full and clean? How long since it was changed? If she is going away to college, she might not be back till Thanksgiving – Change it to be sure. Second, our Courtesy Inspection. What is that? In our shop it is 35 points that we look at. If nothing is needed, it is good to go, we do it for free “Our Courtesy to You.” Why? So we know you’re safe and if there is a problem you have the knowledge to decide to let go or fix it now.
We road test every vehicle, so we have a chance to listen and feel your vehicle. No sense even driving a vehicle with a problem you didn’t know existed. Finally, I want to share a site to help you know your car. It is not my site, but one we like a lot: MYCARDOESWHAT.ORG from the University of Iowa & the National Safety Council. Great site with lots of helpful information.

Thanks, Stephen Powell, Thoroughbred Auto Care Inc.

Car Repair Highland MD 20777 – Check Engine Light

Here in Laurel MD, in Maple Lawn Farms and all the way out in Highland, that light strikes fear into the hearts of many and yet is totally ignored by just as many. Just what it means is a mystery to most in the West Laurel area.

As with all auto repairs in Highland, let’s get urgency issues out of the way first. If your vehicle has a check engine flashing or staying on steady – It needs immediate attention. Thoroughbred Auto Care’s mechanics trained technicians and Certified by ASE to address that light. Is it safe to drive? So I ignored it this long or in the past, perhaps on another vehicle? What makes this different? Your engine light can come on for about 100+ reasons, some for engine issues Emissions related. Which most likely won’t inhibit your driving, but could damage the catalytic converters. While this could be costly and can damage the environment, it most likely won’t strand you. But in older models, perhaps you were able to ignore that light on, because it did not have computer controlled transmissions and did not have drive by wire technology. These systems are so sophisticated that they will stop the vehicle from operating above a certain speed or just make the car idle only, just to protect you. You should Call us and arrange to get your vehicle to us. The good news is we will run a basic system test for free! This will let us and you know whether it is indeed minor or so serious that you should not operate it till corrected. Give us a call for all your auto repair needs in Highland Maryland including your Maryland State Inspection. Want to learn even more about your check engine light Service in Highland MD?

Auto Repair Highland MD 20777 – Your Engine is Failing!

So you have a vehicle you like, with no intentions of replacing. Perhaps you have a child about to start driving or heading off to college. So, that vehicle was going be for them, or you have that old car from high school that you cherish, keep out of the rain, garaged, under a cover and now it seems to be in need of something more than a tune-up or adjustment. In Highland Maryland many people face these situations every day. They come to see Stephen and Jon at Thoroughbred Auto Care Inc. for advice.

Normally we start with a thorough road test, if it is still drivable. Then we may recommend some testing. So you can make an informed intelligent decision.
Okay let’s say you need a Transmission repair or engine repair/replacement? We generally suggest that you first know what your long range plans for the vehicle are. Stephen what do you mean by that?

Had you not had this happen;

  1. How long do you plan to keep this vehicle?
  2. What other items on the vehicle need attention? tires, brakes, body/paint, glass, interior?
  3. If it is Engine problems now, how is the transmission?
  4. Does the vehicle have special meaning to you? Parents vehicle? Your first car?
  5. Is it collector vehicle Mustang GT350? SS Chevelle?

If the plan is decided to repair it and keep it, then the choices come up. You can re-power it with a bigger late model engine, perhaps adding fuel injection? In the case of Transmission, perhaps going to a newer style with overdrive? These would be the most costly type of repair.

But let’s say you would like to keep the car original (matching numbers) very common with a Classic muscle car. In this case we would remove your engine or transmission and rebuild them in house. In the case of an engine, we would remove and disassemble. Then take the major components to a local machine shop that can fully re-condition it. Perhaps do a upgrade to the camshaft or cylinder heads for a little more power? On the transmission side Stephen can rebuild your transmission and restore it to Manufacturers specifications, perhaps add some upgrades? All within the original case, which will maintain the value of your Shelby, Corvette or 69Z28!

The last option may be a used component. This is something we shy away from. Why? Well you and I would know nothing about the condition of that item. Was the oil changed on a regular basis? Was the coolant changed a few times over the years? Was the donor vehicle a work horse (pulling trailers, carrying heavy loads?) Both are hard on engines and transmissions. If you choose used, you bear full responsibility if the replacement is no good. That means you would pay labor twice if there’s a problem! Further is warranty, most used parts are 90 days and labor is not covered. Rebuild of yours carries 12 month, 12 thousand miles. New or a National brand rebuild, like Jasper carries 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. So let me tell you about a recent Project here in North Laurel at Thoroughbred for our Highland auto repairs page.

Engine Repair or Replace – Highland MD 20777

The Vehicle is a 1988 Land Cruiser with over 300,000 miles on it. To say it needed attention would be an understatement. The Client had the body and suspension completely redone (Frame off restoration.) It came to us to sort it out and repower it. In this case he went from a tired old in-line six cylinder with Carburetor, to a new GM V-8, fuel injected with a 4 speed over-drive Transmission, all computer controlled. Costly? Yes, but the improvement in operation, power and fuel mileage more than justifies the choice. Here is a picture of the finished install

Ethics in Auto Repair Highland MD 20777

Stephen Powell here, Owner Thoroughbred Auto Care in Laurel MD . Let me start by saying that unfortunately, every profession has some bad actors that hurt the reputation of everyone else. That includes the automotive world, right here in Howard County. Thoroughbred Auto Care is very committed to the Highest ethical Standards. Yet some drivers in Highland, Howard County, are uncomfortable with automotive service and repair. They will drive with noises, Warning Lights on the dashboard, fluids dripping, worn-out tires, anything to keep from taking the car in for service. Why? Communication is the key.

If you go to your Doctor and he/she is talking in medical jargon and takes a lot of medical knowledge for granted, we all have a hard time following their train of thought. It can be that way with auto repair as well, our clients are treated like family and we can explain and can show almost every function operation in laymen’s terms. Ask questions whomever you use for repair, the willingness to explain is part of how you gain confidence in your Highland ASE certified technicians aka Mechanics.

Let’s go back to those ethical standards. When I hear from clients, they are sometimes told a repair recommendation, many are asking “Is this repair really needed?” Here is the industry standard:

  • The part no longer performs it’s intended purpose
  • The part does not meet its design specification any more
  • The part is missing

For example, if you take your vehicle in for a grinding noise when you step on the brake pedal, you most likely would think: “I need new brake pads.” After the technician does a road test and physical inspection of the brake system he finds; bad pads and a cracked brake rotor. Both items Must be replaced. Now for any one of a number of reasons, you say NO, just put pads on, Ethically he should refuse the Job, it is not a safe, correct repair, failure and loss of pedal could result at any time with no warning. Not a system where a band-aid repair should ever be done. Now you’re in for a routine oil service. The technician may suggest other things, if he sees, worn parts, belts, hoses, weak battery, worn tires. These are things that can be postponed, depending on how the vehicle is going to be used in the future. For example, you’re a local driver, 20 miles a week, as opposed to I’m leaving and headed to Key West in the next week. Chancing a weak battery and being local would perhaps require a jump start if it fails to start, no big deal. But really worn tires and you and the family are headed on vacation down I-95 at 70+ mph, a blowout could be huge risk. Ethically I would really be required to convey that to you. In our shop these are examples of what we see and deal with day after day.

Now briefly let’s talk about Cost. If I give you an estimate, or you ask me can I beat someone else’s estimate? Well anyone can beat almost anyone else’s, if they choose. But in our shop we always start with the top version of parts that carry a 36 month, 36,000 mile warranty, nationwide, honored at over 16,000 locations 24 hours , 7 days a week 1-800-452-NAPA.

Further over ¾ of the parts carry a Lifetime warranty on the part itself. Imagine buying a water-pump, Starter, Alternator and it’s covered forever! Bottom line is we use the best and that costs a little more. All our technicians are ASE Certified & receive Training to stay up to date with the constant change in Technology.

You get what you pay for, call, or better yet stop in and visit us before you have an Automotive need. Ask for Stephen, or Jon. We are Proud to provide auto repairs to Highland MD 20777.

Car Repair Highland MD 20777 – March 29, 2016

Highland Maryland’s local residents bring in some Classics to Thoroughbred Auto Care in Laurel MD 20723 every now and then. So this week a 1974 Buick Rivera was brought in with a severe driveability issue. Barely running, backfiring, stalling and with no power from the 455 Hi-OutPut Engine, this classic was begging to be resurrected. Our Technician, Ron drew this job and jumped for the chance to bring it roaring back to Life.

Ron started with the basics, determining if we had a single cylinder misfire from ignition problem or something more serious along the lines of internal mechanical problems. So the vehicle had Fouled spark-plugs, which we decided should be replaced. While out this gave access to doing a full compression test. Compression test is done to determine the ability of each cylinder to pump air, ideally this engine should pump approximately 150PSI per cylinder. We look for the top number as well as the difference between cylinders being less the 10% difference. This engine passed the compression test with flying colors! So a new set of A/C sparkplugs were installed and an improvement was seen but still was not 100%. We then decided that from age, sitting a lot and its actual appearance, a Carburetor was in need of a rebuild. When a vehicle sits for a period of time the fuel breaks down and with ethanol in all gasoline now, it can quickly cause failure. This one looked un-touched. After a complete rebuild of the Carb. The Highland Buick ran a little bit better, but still was not operating like it should be. Another test was done – a Smoke test to find a Vacuum leak. This test verified our belief that the intake manifold gaskets had failed, unusual, but not unheard of on a 42-year old vehicle. The gaskets were special order from Ohio!

Monday came and by 10AM we had the gaskets, so the repair process could now continue. Ron spent most of the afternoon doing re-assembly, when he turned the car on for a few seconds for the Carb to Prime & Varoom : 455 Inches of big Detroit V-8 came roaring back to Life.

We don’t see Big Buicks that often anymore and to get the chance to resurrect this Classic was a joy! We hope you enjoyed this car repair for Highland MD 20777.

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