Transfer Case Fluid Flush and Service

Transfer Case Service, Fluid Flush in Scaggsville, Fulton, Highland, Burtonsville, North Laurel MD 20723

When I hear snow is coming, I think, “Are the Snow Blowers ready? The two at home and the one here at the auto repair shop in Scaggsville? Then shovels, get them down from the shed. Are the outside water faucets off? Then vehicles, are the tires good?

What about the Transfer cases? Yes always easily forgotten. Now, do you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle? Or do you have all wheel drive? So, if you have a SUV it has a transfer case and transfer case fluid. You don’t think about it but almost all do & it has fluid in it that should be changed periodically. Our mechanics aka ASE Certified Master technicians may have recommended it before. Like many care repairs in Scaggsville, Burtonsville, Fulton or Maple Lawn, most don’t think about it till they hear noise, or get stuck!

So, what does it cost? To change the transfer fluid on most vehicles it runs $200-$400. Perhaps you consider skipping it? Well transfer cases can cost upwards of $2500, just for the unit itself. I know your owners manual may not even list changing the transfer case fluid. But, it can run hot enough to cook the fluid out, it can leak, it can get contaminated from internal wear.

So let’s get it in over the next couple of weeks and service the transfer case before you need to count on it, or worse it fails! 301-317-7886 Thoroughbred is ready to save your Transfer Case!

Stephen Powell