Tune Up

Auto Repair Mechanic

Why get a tune up:

  • High Precision Tune Up
  • Pre-Emission Inspection Tune Up
  • Free Inspection
  • Extend the life of your Engine
  • Failed Emissions? Tune Up
  • Save Money – Gas Mileage

Getting a tune up and receiving a free courtesy inspection can have many advantages. If your vehicle is older and not getting the same fuel efficiency you once had, you can expect real results from a tune up. The courtesy inspection is something we have built and updated with process improvements as technology changes regularly with each car model and innovation. When oil specifications change, when computers upgrade, when sensors are added to new automotive components we have updated our process to cover the newest applications. We bring all of our experience to every repair and that includes your tune up!

A tune up is helpful in getting a good look at the computerized analysis that comes with high end diagnosis equipment. That allows us to communicate with you about what you can expect in the near future, allowing you to plan and be prepared. As a locally owned and operated auto repair shop in Laurel 20723 we know it is important to bring trusted, honest communication about your car, truck, SUV. Getting a tune up at our northwest Laurel Maryland car repair shop means you get an ASE Certified Master Mechanic involved in your tune up. Not some “quickie” shop hire – who may not have the decades of experience we bring to you and your family.

Whether you are looking for a trusted shop, high precision, a tune up before emissions, a tune up after failing emissions, to extend the life of your vehicle, or to save money and gain gas mileage, we are ready to earn your trust. We’ve been at this location for decades and that should tell you that we are hard working, honest and part of the Maryland community. Shops who are not honest, not trusted, and not part of the community do not last long and word gets around. We’ve built a great reputation for honest communication and trusted mechanics in areas like Laurel, Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms and Clarksville, MD which share the zip codes of 20723, 20861, 21046, 20759, 20777, 21029. Feel free to schedule a repair easily online or call and talk with long time employees or the owner himself. We look forward to helping you with a tune up in our Laurel auto repair shop.

Tune Up or Reg Scheduled Factory Maintenance 30, 60, 90k Mile Services

A tune up has changed tremendously over the decades. When less computerized electronics was the common design, a traditional tune up was much more involved. Tuning and cleaning carburetors, spark plugs, wires, fuel lines, filters and more was quite the service in Fulton & Scaggsville. Computerized automation has changed quite a lot. However, a “tune up” can still get you running nice and smooth. A common question now is the regularly scheduled maintenance at the 30k, 60k, 90k… intervals is, in part, replacing what people previously called a tune up. No matter what you want to call a tune up or regularly scheduled maintenance we can help with experience, personal, professional, trusted car repairs and service in Scaggsville / Fulton 20759.