Winter Repairs

Car Winterization in Laurel, Fulton, Clarksville & Columbia MD

Snow and Winter conditions will be here soon!
I would like to get serious for a minute and discuss your vehicle whether is it ready? The easy things we can all do quickly, some you can do and some we can help you with. We are ready to help you with all your auto repairs in Maryland.

Tires, we talk about tread depth, 2/32 is state limits, 4/32 is most Tire manufacturers recommendations for replacement. We start to really talk to you at 4/32. WHY? at 4/32 the tread design is about gone, the tire will no longer have all the benefits the manufacture designed into it. So what does that mean? You have a increased risk of hydroplaning in rain, much more likely to slide or get stuck in ice and snow. We will check this for free!

Wipers, if you must park outside, lift them to the upright position, or put cardboard under them, stop by and let us show you and we will inspect them while you wait.

Washer fluid, keep it full and use full strength this time of year.

NOW let’s talk about Transfer cases. If you have a 4-wheel drive or an all wheel drive vehicle then you have a transfer case that distributes the power to the front and rear axles. For example, if you have a rear wheel drive SUV, that power goes to the rear until you either, pull a lever, push a button or on some hi-end vehicles this happens automatically. Now realize that it is something you don’t think about – until you need it. So that unit should have the fluid drained, looked at for any particles and re-filled with the correct lubricant. The good news is this is not a real costly deal and can be done in about an hour and while we have it on the lift, the Technician will actually put your vehicle in 4-wheel drive, or all wheel drive mode and confirm that it all is working properly for most vehicles this runs between $100-$200 in cost.

Better to know it’s Good, than to assume and find out it isn’t when you’re Stuck.
Stephen Powell, Owner

We are convenient to service areas of: Fulton, Scaggsville, North Laurel, Clarksville, Maple Lawn Farms and Columbia, Maryland.

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