Tips for Winter from ASE Certified Master Techs “Experienced Mechanic”

Are you Ready for Winter?

Trusted Tips from a Trusted Mechanic Since the 1970s

I have lived here in the area, Burtonsville, Clarksville, Laurel & Highland all of my life, and every year we get a cold slap in the face from Mother Nature in early October. Sometimes we are ready for it and other times it kinda sneaks up on us. When you’re driving around over the next few weeks, watching the leaves start to change, I want to make sure you have your car, truck, or SUV in mind with a few helpful winter tips.

What you need to know going into winter

Tips for Tires As the temperatures start to decline, so does your tire pressure. About 1 PSI per every 10 degrees, this means if you set your tires at 35psi in August and it was 90+ and we get a 30 degree morning your tires could be down to 28 PSI, assuming they had lost no pressure otherwise. We routinely see tires with 15-18 psi, this is a path to tire failure. Stop by anytime, Jon and I will be glad to go out look at your tire pressures, and add as needed. We will look at your tire tread depth and the overall condition of the tires. Can’t come when we are open? No problem! I put up an airline outside that is always on, and always no charge, just bring your own gauge.

Tips for Car Battery Summer’s heat is what usually causes the most damage to you battery, but it’s the bitter cold weather that will show you how dead a battery can get! By the time you hear that ominous “click, click, click” sound it’s too late. That is why Jon and I started checking every battery, every car. We find weak batteries, we find dirty connections. But what do we find the Most? It’s batteries 4-5 years old are failing the most. Testing batteries is free here at THOROUGHBRED, and we will check your date code as well. That is Priceless! If you need a battery we will take $7.50 off. The cost of most tow jobs $75.00 & up

Tips for Oil Changes You’re saying, “Stephen not another lecture on changing my oil!” To be honest this is when it is really important. Imagine 20 degrees outside, you come out, fire up the car, set heat on high, run inside & let car warm up. All sounds great, except you did not change the oil since July 4th! And you got that deal on a bargain price lube, oil & filter. It was okay when it was 90+ degrees. That shop gave you 10 w 30 conventional oil, but your car uses 0 w 20 Synthetic. You’ve driven 6,500 miles since and your car burned 2 Quarts! Now your car is running at 2,000+ rpm, and the oil pump can’t get enough oil to the bearings! The light comes on for low oil pressure, wait no one there to see the oil light is on! Your engine starts to destroy itself…

BEFORE Winter gets here is the perfect time to change oil to the correct type & weight. Not sure? Stop in and let us check it for you. Need it changed? Save $5.00 on our Fall special

Tips for Antifreeze here in Scaggsville / Laurel it is used to keep your car from overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter. If it is 4 years old it’s time to change it. But by all means make sure it’s clean, full and a 50/50 mix.

Tips for Wiper blades, windshield wiper fluid let us check BOTH, Please.

Tips for Frozen Door Locks Stephen has the best de-icer that we can find, he puts it in for free on any car that comes thru the shop.

Please if you’re not sure, ask. We can walk out & check most of these items, we have extra staff on hand this time of year. We can get you right in, and the Courtesy vehicle is gassed up waiting to run you home or to work.

Thanks for Reading , Stephen

If you have questions call me, Stephen 301-317-7886 or e-mail: STEPHENTBRED6@AOL.COM

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Great local shop with good people on staff. Not the national chain with a different manager of the day every time you go in. Forming a relationship with a mechanic/service team is important.

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