Why Car Tires Lose Air in Scaggsville 20723 – Dec 2018

So you head out to get in the car for the days work and your car’s tire is low. Perhaps your car’s dashboard lights shows the low tire air symbol. The worst case is that you get into your car and drive with tires at a low pressure and hear the “flap, flap” of a tire with too low air pressure. There are many reasons that a tire can lose pressure. This time of year with the cold temps our mechanics in see and hear these low tire pressure questions. We can help with tires loosing pressure as well as all your car repair needs in Scaggsville, Maryland.

Remembering science class will help us all understand that all tires loose tire pressure over time. “Osmosis or Permeation” does occur but this is rarely the case when you notice a low tire or dashboard warning light.
The more likely case this time of year is the cold temperatures cause the air to compress or contract. While this can be fixed with filling the tire to the correct pressure it may not be the only cause.
Tires will age and the rubber and other tire components can fatigue. When you own a car which doesn’t see many miles this can happen as the years pass even though the tire has plenty of tread left. Tires do have a “date” associated with them. You can even see the aging of the tire in cracking on the outside of the tire.
Another reason is the obvious a leak from a tire puncture. Here in our local areas of Burtonsville, Scaggsville, Clarksville, Highland, Fulton and even Columbia Maryland has a fair bit of construction which produce many screws and nails. These can find their way onto our local roads and into our car tires eventually.
Yet another cause of low tire pressure is the tire valve stem. These stems can wear and begin to crack. A slow leak can happen and replacing the valve stem is needed to fix this issue.
Wheel rims can also be damaged and this allows for a small leak between the tire and the rim of the wheel.
Tire pressure monitoring system or (TPMS) can have a faulty sensor and give a false reading which comes into your car’s computer and displays on the dashboard as a low tire pressure.

No matter the cause of a low tire pressure indicator we can help. As ASE Certified Master Technicians we can have been trained and stay up to date on the latest in automotive technology. We can help with the older, muscle cars, historic, hot rod and the newest models. We have a great access to tire sales and we also provide tire services from repair to mounting, balancing, rotation and keeping your tire pressure in check with high end precision. Give us a call or email for all you car repair in Scaggsville questions and maybe we’ll select your question for a automotive news article in the future.