Car Clutch Repair & Replacement

Clutch Repair & Replacement

Clutch Problems
Being a shop with a rich history in family cars, racing, high performance and transmission world, our ability to fix clutch issues is known in the car community. Clutches do a wonderful job of transferring energy from the car’s engine eventually to the wheels and power the car. We’ll skip most of the technical things in car repairs. What might be helpful is helping to inform you about some possible signs that a clutch is going bad. While cars and trucks from the small to mid-sized trucks are alike in many of the basics your clutch will work the same way and show many of the same signs.

  • Clutch Pedal soft, spongy, sticky or shaking
  • Clutch being pressed and hearing a squeak or rumble
  • When engaging the clutch the engine revs but their is lack of power to the wheels (slow acceleration)
  • Temporary loss of power – Slipping

Many have asked, “How many miles will I get from my clutch?” That depends on your type of driving and the quality of the vehicle. Think of it this way. A car at the race track is being put under tremendous strain and will not last as long. Same goes for your vehicle. If your driving style asks a lot of your car chances are you will get closer to 50,000 miles, if you drive more restrained you can expect 100,000 miles or more. The type of commute you have will also play a factor in the mileage before needing a clutch replacement. If you have a lot of stop and go driving where the gears are shifted many times you will likely have to repair things more often. Highway miles where shifting and friction is not changing will mean more miles.

Not to worry whatever your clutch needs are we can help. We have the precision equipment, ASE Certified Master Technicians and “Good old Trusted Mechanic” know how. From your family errand running vehicle to the larger work trucks we can help with clutches and all your car repairs in Scaggsville, Highland, Fulton, Sykesville. Columbia MD and all of central Maryland.


Do you need a second Opinion? Our Computer aided equipment for diagnosis & analysis is able to get the results needed for your car and truck, high performance, classic or historic vehicle.

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